Management Consulting Services

What is Management Consulting

Management consulting is the process of helping business improve their performance through a comprehensive analysis of their existing organisational problem and producing a roadmap for improvement.

Our Management Consulting Services

Our consulting service is focused on helping businesses achieve the desired outcome in their business. With a tailored solution approach, we deliver results to foster substainable growth for all our clients. Our range of services includes:

Organization Review
This involves a complete overhaul of a client's management set-up, organization structure, production processes, etc. with a view to turning around the business for better performance. Appropriate organisation structure will be designed to avoid bottleneck and ensure the attainment of corporate objective.

Staff Audit/Manpower Review
We will assist clients to have an in-depth analysis of staff qualify, job functions and necessary staff rationalization in order to shed dead weights and ensure that the best staff are retained for optimum performance.

Profit Improvement /turnaround projects
Where a company is operating at low profit margins or at a loss, we can assist in diagnosing the problems and advising on strategies and measures to return to comfortable profitability.

Economic (feasibility) Studies
This is a multi-disciplinary investigation of the viability of a proposed business venture conducted on behalf of promoters or an expansion programme on behalf of management to give assurance that the proposed venture is worth going into. The study covers the market potential and identification of appropriate success strategies.

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