Tax Consultant

The need to comply with the tax laws in every jurisdiction is very paramount to the existence of corporate persons, sole proprietors, partners, and individuals. Our service revolve around:
Guidance on compliance with the relevant tax laws in Nigeria Tax avoidance and tax planning technique to ensure that our clients pay minimal tax Procuring Tax clearance certificate for our client.
Our expertise covers the following range of tax consultancy:

  • Company Income Tax
  • Personal Income Tax(Registered Business Name, Persons, Partnership)
  • Petroleum Profit Tax
  • Value Added Tax( including training of client on how to file their monthly return in compliance with the relevant act)
  • Education Tax
  • With-holding Tax

We are glad to render any or all of these tax consulting services base on your business needs and the need to comply with the appropriate laws. Kindly fill our form on our contact page to speak with a consultant.

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